Jonny Ensall

I'm an editor, writer and occasional documentary maker. Currently editor of easyJet Traveller magazine and regular contributor to NME. I’m also the former deputy editor of Time Out London.

Charlotte Church: 'I was the SuBo of my time'

© Jack Alexander/Eyevin

© Jack Alexander/Eyevin

'…"There are a load of connotations that come with my name that I want to shake off," she admits, referring to the ‘promiscuous ladette’ label she’s been stuck with for years. "It’s mostly to do with the whole tabloid image of me that was created. And I say 'created' purposefully. But then I blurred the lines myself. I did a couple of pretty crappy poppy albums, and the TV show, and almost fed into that tabloid caricature. I was jaded from everything: being overexposed, and tabloid fodder. And also from being pushed around by guys in suits"…'

Published: Time Out London, April 2013

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