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It's Funtime: the best pub quiz in Britain

Everything about It’s Funtime is unnervingly professional. It has its own theme song, which the teams of contestants gaily sing along to at the opening. It has a presenter – Wilson Keppel – whose chirpy Yorkshire accent recalls Jimmy Saville, and dusty suit, manic grin and wiry hair bring to mind David Lynch’s Eraserhead. The quiz has music and observation rounds, but also eating and drinking challenges (lest you ever wanted to know how quickly you could scoff a packet of Monster Munch), physical games of accuracy and skill, and a punishing Tower of Strength round in which players have to endure holding a pint of pennies at arms length. There are also regular appearances for a limbo pole, a kazoo orchestra and some giant robots, though surprise is always the most bankable element of a Funtime evening.

Published: The List, November 2011

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