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I'm an editor, writer and occasional documentary maker. Currently editor of easyJet Traveller magazine and regular contributor to NME. I’m also the former deputy editor of Time Out London.

Leona Lewis meets Pepper Pig

Rob Greig

Rob Greig

Leona Lewis loves animals. Not just the big, pretty ones like her horse, Spirit (‘He’s the love of my life’) but also the small, fussy smelly ones, like the chickens on Hackney City Farm. ‘A part of me feels like I was an animal in my past life that wasn’t treated very nicely,’ she says by way of explanation of her Doctor Dolittle-esque affinities. ‘And I do believe that every creature has a soul and has feelings.’ How about chickens, I ask. What do they feel? ‘Pain. I’m sure they feel sadness, if they’re cooped up in a littlecage. Fear and pain and suffering is not okay for any being to feel intentionally at the hands of us.’

Published: Time Out London, October 2012

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