Jonny Ensall

I'm an editor, writer and occasional documentary maker. Currently editor of easyJet Traveller magazine and regular contributor to NME. I’m also the former deputy editor of Time Out London.

Tête-à-Tet: a letter to Kieran Hebden

Rob Greig

Rob Greig

'…It’s been a while since we last spoke. And when I say ‘spoke’, I mean since I sent you a gushing email late one night when I should have been writing a university essay, and you never got back to me. Hey, it’s okay. No hard feelings. In retrospect, I would also have been creeped out if some random guy got in touch with me via my website and asked if we could ‘hang out’. But you’ve got to know, I sent that message with the best possible intentions. All I wanted to say then, and now, is: dude, I love your stuff!…'

Published: Time Out London, October 2013

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